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EaterWire: Ron Siegel Leaving the Ritz For Myth?

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[Photo: Flickr/violetbloom]

JACKSON SQUARE—From Food & Wine's (transfixed) Kate Krader comes news a rumor of a massive chef shuffle involving some local biggies: "I could go on about so many other great meals and drinks, but I'm transfixed by the big news I heard: Ron Siegel ... is leaving the Ritz Carlton—along with sommelier Stephane Lacroix—to take over the kitchen at Myth from another of our great [Best New Chefs], Sean O'Brien." This just goes to show you that if you let a F&W senior editor run loose in this town for a week, she'll uncover some juice. Background reading on last month's Myth ownership change can be had over at the BauerBlog; more details on Siegel at Myth as they come in, natch. [Mouthing Off]

**UPDATE 1/9: Staying true to its name, Mouthing Off apparently jumped the gun a bit on this story, as we've now learned that nothing has been made official. Siegel and Lacroix have indeed been contacted by the Myth people, but at this point, there's nothing to report beyond a standard preliminary courtship. Repeat: just a rumor; nothing close to official yet.