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Good News/Bad News: Fish & Farm

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Good News/Bad News is a feature where early opinions on recently-opened restaurants—or in this case, a recently-overhauled kitchen—are shared. As always, your opinions are very much encouraged, in the comments field or straight to us.
James Newman, 10/23/07

Since opening with average buzz back in October, Fish & Farm has made leaps and strides to put itself on the local dining destination list, namely by landing the talented pair of Charlie Kleinman and Jake Des Voignes to run the kitchen. The star duo left Fifth Floor in the fall and took over the Fish & Farm kitchen about a month ago. So, how are they doing thus far? Making our way from the negative to the positive, let's take a look at the early response—and remember, a month in the kitchen does not a restaurant make or break.

1) Bad News: "The restaurant was romantic/cute with candle lit tables but a little on the noisy side. The service at the restaurant was prompt and pleasant. The waitress seemed to know the menu and food well, so that was a plus. Unfortunately, the food didn't live up to the service." [Chowhound]

2) Mediocre News: "While leaving the restaurant I came to a confronted my mixed feelings for Fish & Farm. Lovely decor, inventive drinks served by beautiful bartenders, charming food runners, a extremely common server, to put it nicely, disappointing food, and a restaurant concept that is hard not to applaud: support for local fisherman and farmers. So with all the above factors and considered, Fish & Farm is worth another visit and hopefully they can win me over in the few areas they were lacking on that particular evening." [Yelp]

3) Good News: "I've now been to F&F three times, and I may be a little bit enamored ... So far, I have enjoyed everything I've eaten at Fish & Farm -- and that covers a LOT of ground." [Gastronomie]

4) Great News: "Hands down the best meal I have ever had in this town. I do have my doubts that the 100-mile radius is as strict as it gets though, since the French Champagnes, albeit organic and/or biodynamic are definitely an ocean away. And I recall something about Monterey Bay Sardines and Squid, and Monterey seems to just be out of range. But really, Fish and Farm does so many things right, even those who hardly give a thought to origins of food will delight." [Knoend]
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