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Fro-Yo Alert: Introducing Icebee and Its Familiar Logo

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Fortunately for all involved, the great frozen yogurt wars of our time have extended to 2008, and Exhibit 1A can be found on 829 Mission Street between Fourth and Fifth Streets. Ladies and gents, say hello to Icebee, the newest endeavor wanting to cash in on the (half-developed) yogurt craze. Icebee is from the same owners as the now-open Cravery next door, which is an interesting combo, to say the least. Hand-help potpies and frozen yogurt: that's how you spell synergy. Construction pics of the not-so-standard Icebee space follow; let's just say fro-yo lovers will want to take a look:

Yes, those are five—count 'em, five—self-serve frozen yogurt dispensers. Patrons of Icebee pour the yogurt and apply toppings themselves, and then proceed to the register, where the concoction is weighed and paid for.

The rest of the space, directly to the left of the self-serve machines.
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