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Meredith Brody's Similes Are Puzzling, Entertaining

If there was ever a local reviewer that merits her own blog feature, it certainly has to be SF Weekly's Meredith Brody, and the always-excellent Le Blog de San Francisco pulls no punches in celebrating the, ahem, entertaining prose of Ms. Brody on a weekly basis. This week, Brody's review fires on all cylinders—e.g., "I crave lumbar support while I dine"—and LBdSF pulled up this line: "The brightly lit Caltrain station across the street looked like a piece of modern art, as sleek as a Calatrava, as I walked toward South on a damp, cold end-of-2007 night." Now, the Caltrain station has been called many a (four-letter) word, but to compare it to Calatrava, let alone art? Maybe she got mixed up because a lot of the letters are the same.
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