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Winter Vacation Update: Pizzaiolo Back, Piqueos Down

After the madness of the holiday season, many restaurants often take a break, recharge the batteries and maybe undertake a renovation or two. Today, we bring news of a restaurant returned from hibernation and another that got washed away by the storm. Your sightings, per normal, in the tip jar, please.

1) Just when it seemed that a group of confused, slightly-panicked Chowhounds were ready to declare martial law, Pizzaiolo returned last night, following a brief closure at the end of the year. During the week off, some slight renovations took place across the board, but it was mostly an opportunity to take a scheduled break. In any event, everything is back to normal. Breathe out. [EaterWire]

2) In today's sudden closure news, as seen from the photo (text: "We closed for storm damage repair"), Piqueos in Bernal Heights got hit hard during the past weekend's violent storms. To be precise, a portion of the roof caved in, leaving a sizable pile of rubble in the back of the dining room. The entire floor has to be redone, but they are hoping to reopen by Friday or Saturday. [EaterWire]