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EaterWire: uWink Opens, Berkeley's Karaoke Trend

MOUNTAIN VIEW—Pinkberry isn't the only southern California import making its way north. Remember a few months ago, when we took a look at super gimmick restaurant uWink? Well, as Thrillist pointed out earlier today, it's open and in full swing. Nonetheless, if anyone's bitten the bullet, we'd absolutely love to hear some reports. 401 Castro Street, Mountain View; (650) 965-8100 ; website [Thrillist]

BERKELEY—Just in time for the new semester, there's a pair of upcoming karaoke bars ready to do battle on Durant Avenue: "Sushi Minami, which opened a few days ago in the space formerly occupied by LaVal's Pizza, will soon offer private karaoke parties. Touch Karaoke, which is under construction, is slated to open in the space above the restaurant that previously housed a Tower Records." [Daily Cal]

NAPA—There's no new information in this article about the Copia changes, but we just had to highlight the following quote regarding the choice of Tyler Florence for the executive chef position: "McGuire said that Florence was chosen because his personal warmth, mainstream appeal and farm-to-table food fits in with the new direction of Copia." [PD]

THE MISSION—Everyone's writing this and that about the economy, but forget the markets, the real signs are on 18th and Guerrero: "...there was no line whatsoever at Tartine when I was there 20 minutes ago. It's like Night of the Living Dead in there. I could hardly believe it." Same with Pizzeria Delfina and Bi-Rite. Creepy. [Resto Whore]