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Froyo Blockbuster: Pinkberry Signs Lease at Santana Row

Santana Row: Ladies and gentlemen, froyo loving boys and girls, at long last, Pinkberry is officially coming to Northern California. You may recall that the frozen yogurt giant had a Palo Alto location fall through late last year, but now they're trying again and have signed a lease to open their first Bay Area offshoot at San Jose's Santana Row.

It's no San Francisco to be sure, but the shop is still the first non-LA or New York location for Pinkberry and is likely a foothold in its quest to conquer the Bay Area. It's anticipated to open in December and will occupy the space currently home to the Concierge Center. With fellow froyo heavyweight Red Mango currently having three more locations in the works (plus two already open), it looks like the big fellas are finally ready to join in the froyo war festivities, and Pinkberry's product is even technically yogurt now. Everyone get excited (or brace, depending).
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