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Curbed Rumblings: More Ban Talk, Plus Angry Missionites

It's Friday, and time to check in with the week's happenings at our sister site and your friendly neighborhood blog, Curbed SF.

2008_10_FillmoreCenter.gif1) Curbed touched on the North Beach ban too, with this priceless quote: "... will a glorious new age of shoe outlets and hammer stores grace Peskin's home district? Only time will tell."
2) Later this month, the Fillmore will unveil a new plaza (pictured) that is 16,000 square feet of pastel-colored fun. Jazz hands!
3) Somehow, the legal problems keep piling up for CCSF's planned Chinatown campus.
4) Street "artists" in the Mission are just so gosh darn angry these days ... especially outside of Four Barrel Coffee. Is a grumpy someone not digging the boar heads?

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