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Confirmed: Zeki's Taking Old O'Reilly's Holy Grail Space

Polk Gulch: It looks like the rumors are true, and the folks behind Zeki's on California Street are indeed taking the shuttered space formerly known as O'Reilly's Holy Grail. The stained glass interior will receive a slight facelift in an effort to freshen up the place, meaning the space will lose a bit of the uber-Irish-Catholic theme while trying to maintain the old school feel. Details are still trickling in, but the early plan is for the restaurant to be a late-night destination along the lines of Nopa and the DBA on the liquor license application is Midpoint. Stay tuned for more... UPDATE: We should clarify that Zeki Yalcin, who is taking over Midpoint, is no longer affiliated with Zeki's Bar.
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