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EaterWire Midday Edition: Chef Shuffle at E&O Trading

UNION SQUARE—Save for a random Bourdain appearance every now and then, it's probably safe to say that the decades-old E&O Trading Company has been off the culinary map for the last few years. But according to tomorrow's Scoopage, Arnold Eric Wong, the executive chef and former co-owner of Bacar and of Eos has signed on at the franchise, which should prompt a mini-rejuvenation, at least in theory. He'll change the menu from "Southeast Asian grill" to "modern Asian cuisine" at all four locations (the other E&O branches are in Larkspur, San Jose and Hawaii). Perhaps of more interest for the average local diner (and if we may speculate, the average FiDi office worker), though, is that Wong wants to open "some smaller fast-casual offshoots."
· Wong takes helm of E&O Trading Co. [Chron]
—Photo: Flickr/doortoriver