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2008_10_tartine.jpgThe Mission restaurant/bar scene, circa 1989: "Zeitgeist was new (well, maybe in 1987 or 88). There was no Tartine, it was Carl's Bakery, a classic wedding-cake joint. There was no Farina, it was Anna's Danish Cookies. There was no Delfina Pizzeria, it was Quality Junk, a non-sequitur. I can't even remember what was where Delfina restaurant is now, and no one I knew shopped at what Bi-Rite was then ... La Rondalla was the one restaurant open late, and it and The Rite Spot were favorite after-performance destinations of artists, patrons and groupies of The Intersection for The Arts, Theatre Artaud and the New Performance Gallery. Country Station Sushi had its Elvis in full swing ..." [Mission Mission via CBS]

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