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Drying of North Beach, Cont.: Yet, Another New Club Opens

Broadway Strip: Speaking of the controversial North Beach restaurant ban, we thought we'd point out the latest newcomer to the area: Atmosphere. Located on the Broadway strip (the locale for most of the drunken crime that prompted the ban), it's a club (not to stereotype, but the type of venue most associated with the aforementioned problems) that's been holding scattered soft openings for the last few weeks, but will be open this weekend.

The place is a bar/lounge during the happy hours, then turns into a club as the night grows older. The interior actually looks quite spiffy; for now, it's open four nights a week (Tue, Thu-Sat). We're sure it's a nice place and all, but we only point out Atmosphere's arrival to highlight the head-scratching nature of a neighborhood "policy" that has blocked—and will continue to block—innocuous wine bars and froyo shops with fury, but since there's no change of use involved, another club can open. Curious, no? 447 Broadway, between Kearny and Montgomery; (415) 788-4623
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