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Mobile Food Alert: New Gourmet Truck in the Mission?

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The Mission: Currently making the rounds this afternoon is a hot rumor that tonight will feature the debut of a new food truck from Anthony Myint, a Bar Tartine line cook. Per the announcement, said glorious truck is a sublet antojitos truck and will be selling "an assortment of sandwiches, each served on a piece of homemade scallion flatbread" for $3-$5, including the PB&J (pork belly and jicama) and the King Trumpet (wild mushrooms, triple-fried potato).

It's rumored to be parked at Mission and 21st starting at 8pm—right after the VP debate, you see—until 2am. And the bigger news is that if it goes well this time around, this could become a Thursday night fixture, which in turn could become the stuff of Mission legend. Stay tuned for further details and confirmation; until then, SFist and Mission Mission have the entire email announcement.
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