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Eater Inside: Pizzeria Delfina

The pretty gal you see here is, of course, the second installment of Craig and Anne Stoll's Pizzeria Delfina. We don't think it needs much of an intro, so we'll keep this short. Despite the gallery above, the new California Street location of the runaway Mission hit has been packed since Day One, so this might be one of the only times you see it empty. Sure, it's twice the size the original, but that still means that it has less than 50 seats, making it one of the more difficult tables to nab in town. The added space has allowed for a slightly expanded menu though, and takeout service is now in effect. Further reading can be in the Eater Archives, and at 7x7, Chowhound and KQED.


3621 18th Street, , CA 94110 (415) 552-4055 Visit Website