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Week in Reviews: Eos Maintains Its 2.5 Stars

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Miriam Morgan is the headliner today, and she's at Eos, the wine bar and small plates eatery that's long been a Cole Valley fixture. From what we gather, the only reason for a review update is that four years have passed since the Chron's last visit; in that time, not much has changed:

Longtime chef Danny Guerrini not only kept things running smoothly under original chef-owner Arnold Eric Wong and now under current owner Scott Holley, but his kitchen has shown a mastery of the small plates format ... For small plates, most are generously portioned, and they complement one another well so that it's not overly challenging to construct a satisfying meal.
Morgan upholds the same 2.5 stars that Bauer bestowed in '04 when the joint first switched to the current concept, a concept that (still) seems to be working out just fine for the neighborhood. [Chron]

Mandy Erickson busts out the standard deuce stamp for Palo Alto's Oaxacan Kitchen, but the review actually reads a lot more encouraging than the final star tally. While Eos has "bold flavors" in its title, Oaxacan Kitchen has "vibrant tastes": "The vegetables are vivid; the sauces intense; and the tortillas truly taste of corn ... At busy times, service stumbles; although the staff is friendly and helpful in describing the food, dishes arrive at random times and waits can be long." [Chron]

Matthew Stafford takes the Weekly review today, and he eschews the typical restaurant review in favor of a Pupusa Tour. He centers his quest in the Mission and hits, among others, La Santaneca de la Mission, El Patio, Balompie and El Balazo. Just steer clear of El Balazo's house version: "And the house pupusa (two for $5) had no particular flavor, just an inoffensive texture of pulverized, generic ingredients." [SFW]

THE ELSEWHERE: For some reason, Meredith Brody shares blurry photos (like this) of the Berkeley cafeteria on a blog, an early look at the new La Toque bodes well, the CoCo Times isn't big on Mint Leaf, The EBX takes the food at IKEA for a spin, the Daily Feed proclaims dinner the best meal at Canteen, Mapplr finds a hidden sushi gem in the Castro at Eiji, and the Sunday Chron review was a two-star affair at Sebastopol's French Garden.

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