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EaterWire: Oakland Keeps Rising, Google Shutters Cafe

OAKLAND—While Jack London Square tries to revitalize the waterfront, Oaklanders are hoping that the $83 million restoration of the historic Oakland Fox Theater will do the same for downtown. The project is nearing completion, and included in the next stage of improvements are plans for a new lobby restaurant and bar that would be next to the theater. [Oakland Trib]

MOUNTAIN VIEW—Oh noes! The recession means that Google employees now only have 17 eateries left for their gastronomic enjoyment: "Off The Grid, one of Google's 18 in-house eateries at its headquarters, abruptly shut its doors this week ... workers are removing the café's fixtures, which suggests a permanent closure." [Valleywag via SFist]

JFK—Those who travel to New York on a regular basis may be interested to know that the new JetBlue food court is open for business as of yesterday, and it's no joke: among the "food court" restaurants are a tapas bar, a steakhouse, a French bistro, a trattoria by Mark Ladner (Del Posto), and more. The terminal is only accessible by ticketed passengers, including SFO flights. [~E~]

[Photo: Flickr/BWChicago]