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The Shutter: Manchester City Pub, Lee's Deli, Volare

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As always, if you spot a closure for The Shutter, do pass it along.

1) North Beach: Less than a year after Citizen Thai bolted, the experiment that was the Manchester City English Pub within a Thai restaurant (King Cha Cha) is officially doneski, and the entire two-story space is changing names. King Cha Cha will become another King of Thai location while the street-level bar area will remain a bar. They're not sure what they'll call it—maybe Bar Laos—but it's not going to be a soccer pub ... for some reason. [ShutterWire]

2) Financial District: Quoth a tipster from the Lee's Deli at 648 Market: "I went to get a sando at my regular Lee's Deli right next to the McKesson building on Market Street only to find it closed and (mostly) vacated. There's a 'thank you for your years of business' letter taped to the window, explaining that they lost their lease. There's another location a block away, but I'll miss the crabby Chinese ladies that I'm sure used to talk shit about me without me knowing when I ordered my sandwich." [ShutterWire]

3) North Beach: An ownership change is going on at Columbus Avenue's Volare Trattoria, where a conspicuous Notice of Suspension is gracing the storefront and surely scaring away tourists. It closed last week for a freshening up (or whatever cheesy shitalian restaurants do; polish the plastic grapes?) and will reopen on Thursday October 30th. [ShutterWire]