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Tiki Rising: Tiki Tom's Opens on Oakland Waterfront

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Oakland: Right on cue with that tiki bar renaissance that everyone keeps predicting, now officially open for business is Tiki's Tom's. Right on an Oakland waterfront, it's in the old Pier 29 Restaurant space along the estuary (note that we said on a waterfront, not the waterfront). They've given the space a complete makeover, including a pretty mosiac by one Laurel True, who just happens to direct the Institute of Mosaic Art up the road (see Oakbook for more). Lunch and dinner are served daily, one can indulge in mai tais while overlooking the water, and the bar stays open until midnight. 300 29th Avenue, at the Park Street Bridge, Oakland; (510) 532-9202

P.S. Apologies for the terror-filled nightmares, but the haunting, wide-eyed tikiguy you see in the above shot was the best photo we could find. [via Yelp]