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On Editors and the Always-Enticing Meredith Brody

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· Urban Tavern: "The only disappointment among our main courses was the enticingly named chicken..."
· Palmetto: "...after taking a look at the enticing brunch menu"
· South: "South's enticing and frequently changing list..."
· Le P'tit Laurent: "...the homey, equally enticing Chenery Park"
· Fish & Farm: "Under an enticing golden-brown crisp crust..."
· Avedano's: "an enticing, carefully curated array of olive oil..."
· Laiola: "three young sous-chefs turned out enticing dishes under my nose"
· Laiola (bonus!): "contrasting textures and spicy flavors enticed me into eating several"
· Chez Spencer: "The special cocktail menu was long (14 drinks) and enticing..."

· Nua: "And the enticing-sounding french fries with smoked paprika..."
· Coi: "Beet carpaccio was enticingly capped with..."
· Scott Howard: "The numerous offerings enticed us all to compile dinners..."
· Rue Saint Jacques: "He's often e-mailed me with news of enticing places..."
· Zazil: "they're all thin, full of flavor, and enticing..."
· Zazil (bonus!): "...from the six enticing and rather unusual desserts..."
· Dosa: "...since only I was enticed by the chicken and the lamb..."
· Medicine Eatstation: "we peruse the enticing list, which includes..."
· Mixt Greens: "... the always-enticing allure of procrastination was the tantalizing promise of education..."

Ladies and gents, that's 2006 to present; for the rest, we'll refer you to the SF Weekly archives.

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