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Mobile Food Alert: The Truck Is Real, and It's Legit

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The Mission: As rumored, last night saw the debut of the Mission Street Food truck, and it was quite the phenomenon. The line was fairly long (at least 30 deep at some points), and probably came as a surprise to Bar Tartine cook Anthony Myint, who—as he pointed out in the comments—wasn't expecting such a big crowd on the inaugural run. But to the food. Last night, three flatbread sandwiches were offered, each with the $1 option of adding bacon, always a good thing: the PB&J (pork belly/jicama), the King Trumpet (mushrooms/potatoes) and the Mission Melt (avo/cheese/peppers).

The full menu details can be had on the truck's website/blog; we heartily approved of the pork belly, for the record. As for the rest of the experience, the kinks were still being worked out with regards to timing (esp. with the crowd, it was slow going at times), but we have to applaud the genius of not only the concept, but figuring out that one can avoid the red tape and hassles of owning a food truck by merely subletting an already-licensed cart. If all goes to plan, the truck will return to 21st and Mission every Thursday night; just look for the conspicuous, slightly-out-of-place crowd.
· Mobile Food Alert: New Gourmet Truck in the Mission? [~ESF~]

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