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Eater Inside: Taverna Aventine

Here we have the picturesque Taverna Aventine, the new olde-tyme San Francisco venue brought to you by Vintage 415 and pals. You've probably heard the buzzwords associated with the aesthetics of Taverna Aventine by now—Barbary Coast, Gold Rush, opium den—but make no mistake: she's a looker, especially for those who dig city nostalgia, old buildings (150 years old, we hear), exposed brick and the like. As with most Vintage 415 projects, there's a trendy vibe permeating throughout, especially given the Financial District location. Of special note, of course, is the downstairs area, with its original seawall framework and special liquor lockers for members only. Further reading on Aventine in the Eater Archives and at YumDiary, Sipping News, Daily Candy, UrbanDaddy and Thrillist.