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Plywood Berkeley Edition: Cyprus, Wine Bars and MORE!

The Berkeley dining scene may or may not figuratively revolve around Chez Panisse, but there are certainly several projects in the works literally around the Shattuck institution. As always, if you spot some plywood on your block, on any side of the Bay, let us know.

1) 91 Shattuck Square: The high profile, and rather big, space on the corner of Shattuck and Addison looks close to becoming Cyprus Restaurant. Apparently, they've asked to be a 24-hour joint, which should play well in an area near BART and campus. As seen, the place (which used to be a Chinese restaurant) is going to be a Mediterranean/Persian restaurant and bakery, and the liquor license and proposed 35 sidewalk seats (65 total) could make for a nice neighborhood addition. [PLYWOOD]

2) 1801 Shattuck: Since generating some buzz back in April, things have been fairly quiet on the Cioccolata di Vino front. Early estimates had a summer opening, but a peek behind the paper reveals that the space is still a skeleton and not even close. [PLYWOOD]

3) 2129 Durant: Speaking of a new generation of wine bars, here we have Beta Lounge. It's going to be a full-service restaurant and lounge technically, though there won't be a full kitchen (think simple, prepped food). Wine and beer only, according to the folks there. [PLYWOOD]

4) 2399 Telegraph: Finally, a tipster chimes in on the long-awaited Beard Papa's, which has apparently been finished and ready to go for weeks now, but still ... nothing: "Still not open, still a hiring sign outside, still a bum sleeping in the doorway." [POST-PLYWOOD]