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The Barleycorn, Cont.

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2008_10_JBC.jpgEver since the Barleycorn memorial was erected earlier this week, quite the discussion has been taking place in the comments section. The latest: "Aaron Peskin, Willie Brown, the Board of Supervisors and the Mayor's office all tried to prevail on Ms. Hanson to reconsider [shuttering the Barleycorn]. She wouldn't even return their phone calls. And since it's a private property issue, there was nothing else they could do ... So now Ms. Hanson owns a building that she over-payed for, with losses for construction, lost commercial rent and/or revenue approaching $250,000 for the year. She apparently has given up on procuring liquor licenses for the two replacement businesses, having been advised by the ABC that there is a 'large and well-organized opposition' to her -- what a shock, eh?" [Eater Comments]