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Fall Tracking: Zinnia

With so many restaurants readying for fall debuts, it's hard to keep track of what's opening. Restaurateurs will make grand promises, projects always get delayed, permits prove elusive, heads spin, etc. Enter Fall Tracking, your source for the latest intel on the high-profile newcomers and when you should start thinking about that resy.

Initial Projection: Fall
Current Projection: October 22

Jackson Square: Other fall/winter openings might have bigger celebrity names attached (Acurio, Florence, Phan et al.), but by our estimation, one of the most anticipated newcomers this season might be Sean O'Brien's Zinnia. Chef/owner O'Brien is bringing the same style to the old Scott Howard space that got him national recognition at Myth, some classic Myth favorites are rumored to be resurrected on his menu, and lest we forget, Jackie Patterson is handling the cocktail operations. As seen above, original signage and new awnings went up late last week, and O'Brien tells us that the interior is coming along quickly as well, with lighting, paint, marble floors and hardwood floors all scheduled for installation this week. It's hoped to be two weeks out.
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