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Spotted: Bistro Comeback For Cafe Do Brasil Space

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Market Street: A photo-snapping tipster sends along the above shot of the newest tenant at 1106 Market, right off Seventh Street: Neptalia Bistro and Bar. The space, last inhabited by Cafe do Brasil, isn't a terrible one at all, especially considering the, um, less-than-ideal location (you know it's not a great area when Mint Plaza looks especially clean compared to your block). Also on the Seventh Street corridor, we have word that Joie de Vivre's Good Pizza is now due to open tomorrow on Seventh and Mission (more background on that project back in the plywood archives), so the good news for area office workers is that if these two places turn out half-decent, you just may have a few new options aside from the Fed Building and the half-dozen Subway locations in the neighborhood.
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