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The Shutter FiDi Edition: Gondola, Palapas

All closure notices arrive via The Shutter. Please report all sightings to the ShutterLine.

1) Columbus Avenue: In the no man's land of lower Columbus and the base of the Transamerica Pyramid, a passerby notes that Ristorante Gondola—one of those restaurants that seemed to stray a bit far from NB—has been on a bit of an extended vacation, with no word of a return. Indeed, there's no answering machine and the liquor license is poised to expire at the end of the month, making a possible return that much more uncertain. No word on how/if this is related to their new (very much delayed) Mission project, Specchio. [EaterWire]

2) Front and Pine: Just on down the road, closer to the heart of the Financial District, Palapas Taco Bar has shuttered as well, though it looks like this one is more likely to be permanent: space being emptied, phone disconnected, etc. It's housed in the 101 California Building and as far as we've heard, seemed to do respectably amongst the lunch crowd. And it even has a palm tree INSIDE. [EaterWire]