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Drying of North Beach: Restaurant Ban Almost Official

North Beach: Yesterday, the controversial ban on new North Beach restaurants and bars (and, uh, ATMs) was passed by the Board of Supervisors by a 9-1 margin, pretty much making it law unless the mayor plays the veto card. Plus, there's a clause that could see existing restaurant spaces disappear as well if they are not claimed quickly enough:

The law allows new restaurants or bars to open for business in North Beach only if they occupy space once taken up by a restaurant or bar. The bill also stipulates that if a space once occupied by a restaurant is vacant for 18 months it can no longer be occupied by a new restaurant.

It should be noted that the only dissenting vote was cast by Supervisor Michela Alioto-Pier, who (very interestingly) pointed out that a similar ban was recently overturned in Cow Hollow after too many shuttered storefronts accumulated and hurt an already-withering restaurant scene, all while the bar scene took a turn for the annoyingly uncontrollable. We see this as something very foreseeable in North Beach as the restaurant scene there continues to be an afterthought and bars keep running wild. But hey, rather than try to remedy the current situation, let's all make sure that in the future, no new restaurant blood can enter. Bonus: check out Curbed's take.
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