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Human Stunts: Behold the World's Largest Irish Coffee

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Fisherman's Wharf: Given that both the Chronicle and Examiner both dedicated multiple pieces to the Buena Vista's anniversary celebration, it should come as no surprise that the institution's bid to create the world's largest Irish coffee, held in the one o'clock hour, was a standing room only affair. In fact, given the plethora of local news cameras and tourist cameraphones, we'll go ahead and proclaim it a bit of a clusterfuck of a media frenzy. That said, we counted at least eight bottles of whiskey and an entire box of sugar in the 15-gallon Irish coffee itself, which was shaped like the normal-sized Buena Vista glasses. Once the behemoth was topped off, the Guinness record was apparently set, and everyone cheered. Full play by play in the gallery above.
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