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EaterWire: No Tinderbox Return, Napa Elderly Confused

BERNAL HEIGHTS—Earlier today, a reader passed along the following tidbit: "This morning I noticed that the metal gate that has been shrouding the Tinderbox storefront on Cortland was lifted. And there is a for sale sign (maybe for lease?) in the window. That place is truly cursed." Indeed, the Scoop (back after a week break) confirms that Ryan Russell is selling instead of crafting that "artist's laboratory." Tinderbox previously closed in May. [EaterWire]

NAPA—Won't someone think of the elderlies? From the Register: "After 25 years of serving casual diners in Napa, Bakers Square has closed. There is a closure notice expressing appreciation to customers posted on the front door ... And what’s happened to the nice young people who worked there giving friendly service to the customers, many of whom were elderly?" Old people restaurants are a beautiful thing, no? One local fave of ours: the always-whimsy Joe's of Westlake. [NVR]

BERKELEY 'BUCKSWIRE—Starbucks continues to lose ground (heh) in the coffee wars: "Giant Starbucks Corp. reported a profit of $5.4 million for the fourth quarter, not even three times larger than the $2 million profit of its archrival Peet’s Coffee & Tea in the most recent quarter ... Brown paper now covers the windows of what was Starbucks’ shop closest to the original home of archrival Peet’s Coffee & Tea, just a quarter mile away at Walnut and Vine streets." [BT]