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Fall Tracking Report: Lalola

With so many new restaurants readying for fall debuts, we're here to keep you updated on the latest from each project, and when you should start thinking about that resy.

Initial Projection:: N/A
Current Projection: Late November

Russian Hill: Finally, details emerge regarding Lalola, the mysterious project on the corner of Mason and Pacific. Not to be confused with Laiola or Lolo or Luella, Lalola will be a traditional tapas bar. It's headed by a pair of first-time restaurateurs who just came back from a food tour of Spain. The plan is to offer a variety of Spanish small plates in the usual tapas bar format, as well as "other local and seasonal foods as inspired by Spanish cuisine." They are aiming at a late November debut, permits permitting.

Probably closer to Chinatown than anything else, the space at the corner of Mason and Pacific is well off the beaten path, and yes, maybe even to a problematic extent. That said, ever since we first laid eyes on the space in the plywood report, we've thought that if done well, it could be perfect for a very quintessentially-San Francisco, cozy restaurant. It's small, maybe a few dozen seats max, and full of windows. Plus—as you can see from our high-tech graphics—it overlooks the bridge, the cablecar goes by regularly, and it's on a steep, almost stereotypical hill. What's not to love? More details as they come in...
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