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The Dish: Usual Suspects Returns, With New Menu

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All openings, big and small, get served up on a regular basis by The Dish. Know of a new restaurant or bar that we've missed? Do pass along your sightings.

Broadway Strip: Today marks the return of the beleaguered Usual Suspects Cafe to the dining arena. The vegetarian joints is has, thankfully, rolled out a new menu (no more Russian vegan food) and as of 11am today, is open for lunch and dinner five days a week (closed Sun, Mon). The menu is, shall we say, eclectic: just your typical smattering of tacos, Thai noodles, shawerma, lasagna, curry, and burgers. We'll remind you that when it first opened back in May, Usual Suspects received rave reviews from the veggie set, so here's hoping for a happy ending to this Broadway show.
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