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Eater Scenes: Live From the Celebration at John's Grill

Union Square: The great thing about eight-cent cocktails in the middle of the day is that drinkers of all ages are united by the common allure of free boze. Right now, at the 100 year anniversary party at John's Grill, 90-year-old ladies (for serious) are rubbing elbows with 22-year-old lushes on their lunch, as a somewhat-surprising number of cops—or maybe not that surprising—join in the festivities too. The jazz band is playing. Men are wearing hats. The liver pate is being passed, and there's some Maltese statuette there too. The deal lasts until 3:30.
· John's Grill to Celebrate 100 Years With 8-Cent Cocktails [~ESF~]