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RN74 Tracking: Mina Names an Executive Chef

SoMa: We've been diligently following the progress of Michael Mina's next San Francisco endeavor, RN74, in our Build-Out series, and as 2009 approaches and the Millennium Tower space starts to resemble an upscale restaurant, Mina is beginning to put the personnel pieces together too. From the Scoop:

Michael Mina has snagged Jason Berthold, former French Laundry sous chef, as the executive chef of RN74 ... Berthold, who doubles as a winemaker, will collaborate with Mina Group sommelier and vintner Rajat Parr in creating a seasonal and wine-friendly menu.
We knew that wine would be a huge focus of RN74, but when the exec chef moonlights as a winemaker, that's probably a sign that the wine aspect is going to be very, very central. And yes, it might be nearing the time to create a sequel to this map, only for the French Laundry, so start rattling off the many Keller alums who have gone on to big things.
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