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Recession Plans: Tigelleria Does Disco After Dark

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South Bay: By most accounts, Tigelleria Ristorante is a handsome, worthwhile Italian restaurant, particularly for Campbell. As you can see, the space is well put together, in the traditional, rustic style. Imagine polishing off a nice meal, lingering over nice bottle of Chianti in the cozy dining room, and then ... in come the disco dancers!:

Ideally, after most patrons have completed their dinner, we would like to move the tables over, and invite them to dance and mangle [sic] with each other. You'd be in charge of facilitating the process by kicking off the dances and sporadically (if appropriate) demonstrate skills and techniques.

While the effort surely deserves high marks for creativity and community-building in these times, from the looks of the room, there might actually be more mangling going on than mingling in this disco class, but hey, you never know. If you've noticed outside-the-box ways in which restaurants restaurants are dealing with the economy, do let us know. Restaurateurs, feel free to share too.
· DJ and Dancers for Weekly Restaurant Gig [CL]