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Gimmicks: Sonoma Italian Resto Tacks on Ice Lounge

Sonoma County: Graziano's Ristorante, an otherwise nondescript Italian white tablecloth restaurant in Petaluma, has put, as the website puts it, "a glass ice box right in the middle of the restaurant." Said ice box/tasting room is called Vodika and is a freezing 28 degrees inside. Similar stunts have been pulled in Beverly Hills and Vegas, but never up north, let alone in Wine Country, let alone in the backwoods known as Petaluma. From the PressDem:

The lounge-within-a-bar-within-a-restaurant accommodates eight sippers at a go, part of the revamped bar scene at Graziano's Ristorante. Sonia Perozzi of the restaurant says that 28 degrees is the only proper temperature to serve vodka ... Faux fur hats and jackets are provided for your comfort.
Did we mention this is in Petaluma? Because it is.
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