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EaterWire: Beaujolais Time, More Zare Meatball Raves

SAN FRANCISCO—Even with higher prices, Beaujolais Day has arrived, and Chronicle wine guy Jon Bonne isn't happy: "But here's my real gripe with Nouveau: Cheap PR ploy or no, expanding a harvest celebration worldwide by jet might have been quaint 30 years ago ... These days, if French wines remain relatively carbon-effective thanks to shipping containers and ships, the prospect of flying pallets of cheapo Beaujolais halfway around the globe is somewhat appalling." [WSJ/Cellarist]

SOMA—By all accounts, Hoss Zare's Meatball Mondays at the Fly Trap continue to be a hit: "Giant, two-pound, holy-mother-of-god meatballs that taste as marvelous as they look ... Zare’s meatballs stand up to the hype. Everyone needs to rally for at least one Monday in their lives and give these a taste." [SFist]

'BUCKSWIRE—Rabid fans of Christmas music will be disappointed to hear that unlike in years past, Starbucks will not begin playing Christmas music until after Thanksgiving. Normal people, however, should be delighted that there were no holiday tunes during Halloween. [Starbucks Gossip]

THE MISSION—We received a few complaints about last night's Mission mole tasting, which sounded like quite the shitshow: 100+ people waiting in line, 20 people let in at a time, and less than half of the advertised moles were available. [Mouthfuls]

[Photo: Yin]