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Douchiest Bar Nomination

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2008_11_tempest.jpg"Last minute nomination: The Tempest, 431 Natoma St. An impossible combination of hardened winos, too cool for school bike messengers, and Chronicle employees drinking away their dwindling paychecks before heading out to their homes in the suburbs. The self-righteousness of the two latter categories is only aggravated by the uncomfortable pathos of the former. Bonus points for reeking of fried food from their lunch service (but they don't serve dinner, except for some steam table hot dogs on Mondays, which are just as horrifying as you'd imagine) and cigarette smoke (they allow smoking at their tables, but, inexplicably, not at the bar). It's an odor that won't come out without three or four trips through the laundry, more if you use some hippie ecological laundry detergent one of the few remaining Home and Garden writers recommended to you over their scotch and soda." [Eater Inbox, MAP]