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Plywood Report: More Sushi Bistro Moves, Plus Fillmore's Woodhouse, a Mission Tavern, and More

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Welcome back to the Plywood Report, your regular, all-encompassing chronicle of the next generation of restaurants and bars to grace our fair city. Notice something on your block? Let us know. Bonus points and gold stars if you include photos.

1) The Richmond: Out on Balboa (yes, in the Richmond), it looks like Sushi Bistro is on the move again. Their Mission offshoot is still under wraps, but there's a new liquor license transfer notification up at 431 Balboa, which is a few doors down from the current location at 445 Balboa. The new space is directly next door to Namu (as seen above), and very raw inside. [PLYWOOD]

2) The Mission: A Missionite sends along word of a new project brewing on South Van Ness and 22nd that could be different from your run of the mill tavern: "I just received a letter from the ABC about an 'on-sale general eating place' license for Driscoll's Tavern at 1096 S Van Ness ... The location has been empty for at least two years, but according to an obituary from 1987 there used to be a 'Driscoll's Mortuary chapel' at that location (and a restaurant named Golene, but that's not nearly as interesting)." [PLYWOOD]

3) Pacific Heights: Speaking of spinoffs, a spot check with the Fillmore branch of Woodhouse Fish Company (across the street from SPQR) reveals that the place is still gutted and in the process of being renovated but still isn't very close to completion. [PLYWOOD]

4) The Mission: Right next door to the infamous Jim Georgie's—your one-stop destination for donuts, teriyaki, and hamburger—is a soccer cafe called ... Soccer Cafe. Awnings went up recently but it's still papered up. [PLYWOOD]

5) Nopa/WA: Finally, a note in the Eater Inbox says that Madrone Lounge on the corner of Divis and Fell has a change of ownership notice up on the storefront, but the DBA is staying the same. [PLYWOOD]