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Douchiest Bar Contest: Medjool Wins the Vote!

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The polls are closed, the votes tallied, and now, the winner crowned. Even though Matrix kept it close for a while, we find it fitting that Medjool took the top honors for this little contest. There are a plethora of definitions to the word "douchiest," yet somehow, it's highly possible that nearly every stereotype of the term—drunktards, Marina types, hipsters, B&T imports, vomiting bartenders, etc—is somehow represented together, unified at Medjool. It really can be considered the perfect storm. But the view from the roof deck is rather nice.

1. Medjool: 21.7%
2. Matrix Fillmore: 18.2%
3. Bar None: 13.5%
4. Americano: 10.2%
5. Zeitgeist: 7.5%
6. Redwood Room: 6.1%
7. Circa: 5.9%
8. Kells: 4.1%
9. Beauty Bar: 3.4%
10. Blondie's: 3.1%
11. Supperclub: 2.8%
12. Bruno's: 1.4%
13. The Lookout: 1.1%
14. California Wine: 0.8%
15. The Tempest: 0.1%

Thanks to everyone who played along, voted, had a sense of humor about this, and especially those of you who submitted nominations, most of which were hilarious. For your viewing and reference pleasure, we'll reorder The Map to reflect the final standings. As always, your thoughts are welcomed in the comments below.
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Medjool Sky Terrace

2522 Mission Street, San Francisco, California 94110 (415) 550-9055