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Copycats: Supper Club to Mimic Epic Keller/Achatz Dinners

Back in September, Thomas Keller and Grant Achatz announced a series of three epic, $1500 dinners at Per Se, Alinea and the French Laundry. Meant to celebrate their mentor/protege relationship while simultaneously promoting their new cookbooks, the dinners sold out very quickly, despite the rough economic times and the, ahem, lofty price point.

Now, the pair of culinary gods have inspired some curious idolaters with some curious aspirations. A New York-based supper/social club called A Razor, a Shiny Knife is going to literally follow the footsteps of Keller and Achatz and attempt the same, 20-course menu for $300 a head in New York, Chicago and yes, Napa.

As the Mothership points out, there's certainly the value of getting (a version of) the 20-course meal at one-fifth the original price. Then again, we have a feeling that the Keller/Achatz menu in the hands of anyone other than Keller and Achatz—and keep in mind these aren't even professional chefs—might not be the best use of a $300, multi-hour meal. Perhaps spending that money at, you know, the actual French Laundry might be a better call?
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