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Plywood Report: Pickles, Bar Crudo, Piazza Market, MORE!

Spot some plywood on your block? You know what to do.

1) Financial District: Work is coming along very quickly at Pickles, where Tom Duffy is finally washing away the remnants of Clown Alley. And dare we say he's trying to class up the burger joint? New hardwood (ish) floors have been installed, they're working on a canopy for the patio, wine is going to be offered, and there's a notice for sidewalk seating too. [PLYWOOD]

2) Nopa: A tipster sends along the first snapshot of the interior-to-be at the Western Addition location of Bar Crudo, across the street from the Independent. As you can see, it still looks a ways off, but it's certainly bigger than the current Bush Street digs. [PLYWOOD]

3) North Beach: Speaking of first looks, behold the interior of North Beach's newest marketplace, Piazza Market. The place, on the corner of Vallejo and Columbus, has been behind plywood forever, but word on the street is that they're hoping to open sometime next week. A peek inside reveals a sizable, shiny space, complete with cafe seating. [POST-PLYWOOD]

4) Inner Sunset: On the shuttered PJ's Oysterbed space, it's slow-going, as the entire Irving Street building—so, not just the restaurant space—is in a profound state of disrepair (or remodeling, we can't tell). We wouldn't hold our breath for anything to be moving in soon, though Fresca was the last rumored tenant. [DESTRUCTOPORN]

Bar Crudo

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