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Mission Street Food Unveils New, Non-Mobile Locale

The Mission: On schedule, Team Mission Street Food confirms that they will return for business this Thursday, sans truck of course. The new, shared venue will be an otherwise nondescript Chinese restaurant on Mission between 18th and 19th called Lung Shan, and it comes with all kinds of extra good news.

First off, you don't have to wait until 8 to being waiting in line; the new hours are 6pm to midnight and we're thinking lines will be greatly reduced. Beer and wine are OK, and we're thinking the divey Mission feel should carry over. Menu-wise, the PB&J is the only carry-over from the streetfood days of yore. The full menu is at their official site, but let's just say that "smoked rice, fried with duck fat" with liberty duck confit and cracklins sounds like an appropriate substitute given the venue change. They're still taking proposals for guest chef appearances, by the way.
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