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The Shutter: Pickles, Moonstruck, Tony Roma's

All closure notices arrive via The Shutter. The tipline awaits your sightings.

1) Jackson Square: Much to the dismay of burger-seeking FiDi office workers, Pickles has finally gone down for substantial renovations. From the looks of the construction, they're redoing the majority of the interior, including the fixtures, floors, patio and hopefully, the last creepy clown remnants of Clown Alley. No word on a possible return date. [ShutterWire]

2) Marina: Over on Chestnut, Moonstruck Chocolate Cafe closed in late October. We're told you can still get the chocolate online and/or at most quality (fancy) grocery stores, like Andronic's and Draeger's. [ShutterWire]

3) Embarcadero Center: Many experts have predicted that the big mid-range chains would be the first to feel the wrath of the recession, and in a city typically averse to the TGI Fridays and Red Lobsters like San Francisco, we imagine that the effect would be even more pronounced here. On that note, a tipster sends word that the Tony Roma's location in the Embarcadero Center has shuttered. [ShutterWire]