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Yelp Wanted

2008_07_yelpwantedsmall.jpgThe New York Times is the latest mainstream outlet to run a lengthy piece on Yelp, but disappointingly, offers up few things we didn't already know. It does, however, note that Thomas Keller swears he's never heard of Yelp and the Fifth Floor drops $300 a month to Jeremy S. It's also a reminder of how nuts avid Yelpers can be: "He started a talk thread with the words, 'You know you're addicted to Yelp when...' The answers included: '...when you go to a restaurant for the sole purpose of adding to your review count, not because you're hungry,' '...when you hate going abroad because you can't Yelp about all your wonderful finds' and '...when you're dining with non-Yelper friends and they ask 'Are you Yelping this in your head?' [NYT]