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Adventures in Timing: Infusion Lounge, the Most Lavish Nightclub in City History

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Union Square: We've mentioned Infusion Lounge occasionally around these parts, the hologram-laden, fire-filled nightclub that curiously touts itself as "over 2 years in the making, over 6500 square feet, $4.6 million invested." As an opening nears, it's coming out that the place is apparently more ritzy than you'd ever expect and (good news) will fulfill all of San Francisco's needs:

[Infusion Lounge is] undergoing what's considered the largest and most lavish nightclub buildout in city history. The end result, its owners claim, is the super swanky nightclub that San Franciscans have been missing — or perhaps would have missed had we not entered a recession.
Oh, but that's not all. Wait until you hear about the VIP options.
Infusion's also selling 300 VIP memberships with bottle storage for said VIPs, who also get to jump any lines that the club hopes may form outside. What's it cost to be a VIP? Caroen isn't saying.
Lordy, even though bars/alcohol are typically recession-proof, it will be interesting to see how this swanky mega-project turns out, especially in a city like SF that, shall we say, doesn't typically embrace the trendy behemoths like LA and Vegas.

Infusion Lounge opens on New Year's Eve, and you can attend the party too. For $950 a booth or $150 individually.
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