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Recession Specials: Luna Park's Soup Kitchen Homage

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The Mission: Earlier this week, Bauer declared Luna Park to have the best holiday bargain special in town with its $15 three-course menu, and now comes yet another promotion—on a nightly basis. The longtime Mission favorite is calling it the Blue Tray Special:

For just $12, guests may enjoy one of a variety of hearty comfort foods created by Executive Chef Nick Cobarruvias ... served on cafeteria-style trays, Luna Park’s “Blue Tray Special” pays homage to the Depression-era soup kitchens that provided inexpensive meals on, now iconic, blue trays.
For an additional $5, guests may enjoy a glass of wine or a specialty cocktail, served in matching blue glassware.
Just about every restaurant is offering specials these days, but some are clearly better than others (Laiola's Monday paella night, for example, was a definite winner). Even though Luna Park's latest promo is a bit, ahem, on the depressing side, dare we say they get points for thinking outside the box? Luna Park's a legit restaurant, and the price is right, after all.
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