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EaterWire: Brunch Changes at Ritz, Altman's Gumbo Jam

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NOB HILL—Some brunch changes at the iconic Terrace at the Ritz: not only is it no longer a jazz brunch, but the price has dropped to $55. There's a new format too; it's a "blend of buffet and à la carte selections representing the next generation of the hotel's popular brunch buffet." So ... a $55 buffet? Btw, the pricetag on the Dining Room's New Year's Eve seven-course menu is $500. Mr. Bauer, your thoughts? [EaterWire]

OAKLAND—On the first second Friday of every month (i.e., this Friday), Miss Pearl's Jam House will put on a gumbo-filled jam session: "During the Back Burner Blues Band Gumbo Jam, "Bay Cafe" host and chef Joey Altman makes a pot of gumbo and sets it in front of the band with a variety of ingredients alongside it that each member adds to the mixture. After the set, they serve it up to the audience." [CCT]

SONOMA COUNTY—The economy is even taking its toll on the big guys: "Organic grocer Whole Foods Market said the poor economy has forced it to delay the opening of its half-built west Santa Rosa store until 2010. Construction of the exterior of the building was completed last week, and improvements to the interior were supposed to begin immediately to allow the store to open in May." [PD]

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