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Renderings Alert: Charlie Ayers' Calafia, Market A-Go-Go

Palo Alto: It seems like forever ago since former Google chef Charlie Ayers announced he was embarking on his own restaurant called Calafia, but things are finally getting close. The 56th employee at Google is hoping to open his restaurant—and an adjacent market called Market A-Go-Go—in Palo Alto's Town & Country Village sometime in early 2009. Plywood shots and further details are en route, but for now, feast your eyes on the renderings; the design is a collaboration by Robert Fink of FINK Architecture and Nicole Hollis of Nicole Hollis Interior Design. Seating is as follows: the cafe seats 78 indoors, including 12 at the open kitchen counter, 7 at the bar and 12 at the communal table. And being on the sunny Peninsula, you've also got 24 more seats outside.
· From Google to Noodles: A Chef Strikes Out on His Own [NYT]

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