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Plywood Report: Beautifull, Pazzia, NB Pizza, MORE!

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Spot some plywood on your block? You know what to do.

1) Laurel Heights: Cafe Lo Cubano shuttered back in September, and Beautifull—the poorly-named health food chain-to-be backed by $15.5 million—has moved in. However, initial estimates of a November debut are obviously very behind, and a peek inside (above) reveals that the place is newly gutted and not close at all. [PLYWOOD]

2) SoMa: A tipster brings some good news for pizza South of Market: "Walking home from work and noticed the spot to the right of Pazzia is blanketed up with a sign announcing an expansion?" [PLYWOOD]

3) Financial District: We know that the Belden Lane guys have been renovating the former Pasta Paradiso and turning it into a lunch cafe of sorts, and according to La Hopstress, the name will Quattro Staggioni. A sneak peek inside (above) the Kearny space reveals it's close. [PLYWOOD]

4) North Beach: Finally, awnings and neon signage are up at the new North Beach Pizza location right across the street from the current one. Possible important note: there are signs of Pizza By the Slice offerings. Does NB Pizza already do that, or this a possible move to compete with Golden Boy's late night monopoly? [PLYWOOD]

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