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The Name For Phan's SoMa Grand Project, Revealed...?

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SoMa: We took a look at the build-out back in October, and even though the SoMa Grand project by Charles Phan is likely only a month or two away, still no name has been announced. Thus, we thought it high time to do some digging. Conveniently enough, city records indicate that Team Phan filed for a fictitious business name just last week, and it's called—wait for it—Heaven's Dog. The only caveat here is that nothing has been confirmed by neither the Phan people nor the SoMa Grand people (everyone's still very hush hush), so we'll all just have to wait and see. But we suppose the moniker of "Heaven's Dog" has a certain Slanted Door/Spotted Pig charm to it, yes?
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